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From Current Epic Employee : “Re: Epic’s employee ages. In the November staff meeting it was announced that Epic’s #2 Carl Dvorak has worked for Epic for 25 years. He showed a slide saying that 42 percent of the current employees weren’t born then — i.e. are under 25 — and 78 percent are under 31.” P eople get nervous at the idea of fresh graduates telling major medical centers how to run their business, but it seems to work and it’s brilliant on Epic’s part. You take new graduates whose career prospects are negligible, plant them in Wisconsin where there aren’t many other jobs, and pay them more than they would make otherwise but less than everybody else pays their more senior HIT people. You train them in skills with minimal value elsewhere, like MUMPS programming, and give them job perks that make them feel like they’re working for Google. The young folks don’t complain much, they don’t bring in all the bad habits they learned working for less successful vendors, and by following the formula they almost always get the job done. That makes Epic almost infinitely scalable unless Midwestern universities stop graduating liberal arts majors with high GPAs. Nobody seems to mind except the experienced people who Epic won’t hire.

Current Epic Employee

From UKnowMe : “Re: IBM. Seems like several high-ranking healthcare people are getting very connected on LinkedIn lately. A sign of change to come?” I don’t know, but I think your observation has business merit for LinkedIn. They could sell the names of companies that have a large percentage of current employees updating their profiles (preparing to bail) or companies newly added to a lot of profiles (on a hiring binge).


From HC IT Advisor : “Re: AeroScout, recently acquired by Stanley Black and Decker. Has issued a cease and desist order to Centrak and will be filing a patent infringement suit. Apparently Centrak is using the patented CCA capability in their new WiFi tags.” Unverified. Calling HITEsq again, either that or I need to sign up for one of the lawsuit databases like PACER so I can look these up myself.

HC IT Advisor

Acquisitions, Funding, Business, and Stock

Health analytics and research company Decision Resources Group acquires the UK-based Abacus, a health economics consulting firm.

Talent management software provider HealthcareSource acquires NetLearning, which makes learning management software for the healthcare industry.

Nuance acquires Accentus, an Ontario-based transcription, documenting imaging, and remote coding technology vendor.

An article in the San Antonio newspaper questions whether Gene Powell, chairman of the University of Texas Board of Regents and co-founder of AirStrip Technologies, should have disclosed that Vanguard Health Systems, which the board chose to launch a new $350 million children’s hospital in San Antonio, had a pending business deal with AirStrip at the time. Powell did not vote on the issue, did not recommend Vanguard, and was not legally required to make any disclosure since he owns no Vanguard stock and is not a Vanguard employee, so perhaps it was a slow news day.

For Frege, then, we really do succeed in talking about the real world, a world which exists independently of us, and in virtue of how things are in that world that the things we say are true or false: the thoughts that we express are true or false objectively, in virtue of how things stand in the real world – in the realm of reference – and independently of whether we know them to be true or false. Theia Sequin Embellished KneeLength Dress Brand New Unisex Cheap Price Original Online Outlet Online Q79yxK2uk

25 It has also been claimed that Frege reviled the German idealist tradition of his time, and so such a conclusion is strengthened. However, other considerations do not find it necessary to reach that point. 25 Frege himself justifies the need to take into account the reference, appealing to the intention of those who use assertive sentences:

/…/ in order to justify mention of the reference of a sign it is enough, at first, to point out our intention in speaking or thinking. (We must add the reservation: provided such reference exists). 26

26 It is curious that Carnap, in developing his semantic method, explicitly recognized the extra-linguistic character of reference while also he claimed that it was possible to treat ontological matters as internal to a linguistic framework. Carnap introduced his model as follows:

4-12. Two predicators if and only if they are equivalent.4-13. Two predicators if and only if they are L-equivalent. /…/4-14. The (of degree one) is the corresponding class.4-15. The (of degree one) is the corresponding property. /…/ If this is applied to the predicator ‘H’ in S , we obtain:4-16. The extension of ‘H’ is the class Human.4-17. The intension of ‘H’ is the property Human. 27

27 One of the main purposes that Carnapian method, made explicit in his 1950 work , aimed at reaching was to clarify how language can be used to refer to abstract entities without abandoning philosophical Empiricism. In his opinion, empiricists’ fear of embracing more entities than those compatible with their scientific postulates came from not having clearly distinguished between what he called “internal” and “external” questions relative to a linguistic framework. He proposed analyzing talk about these types of entities as a creation of new ways of speaking subject to new norms; that is, he proposed to build a linguistic framework. This would allow separating questions about the existence of new types of entities within the frame -internal questions- from questions concerning the reality of the system of entities understood as a whole -external question-. 28

28 Both the language about things and that about numbers and propositions constitute linguistic frameworks. The acceptance of each of these frameworks implies, in turn, the acceptance of appropriate ways of formulating, contrasting, rejecting or taking as true specific statements. 29

29 Each linguistic framework enables the formulation of internal ontological questions, which will be settled either empirically or logically. Thus, a logical justification will be given to logical issues and empirical justification to empirical issues, depending on the type of theory we are dealing with. When a question arises about the ontological status of the entities incorporated in the linguistic framework, it has an external character. According to Carnap, even if external questions seem to have some kind of priority – because they ask whether the entities at issue possess an independent nature, or whether the class that incorporates them is empty or not –, they are actually pseudo-questions: an appropriate answer to such questions doesn’t amount to formulating true or false assertions into a system about the reality of the entities, but to accepting or rejecting the framework as a whole. And this, after all, is a practical concern, not a theoretical one. 30

30 Carnap’s proposal involves distinguishing between internal questions, such as “Is every prime number the sum of two even numbers?”, and external ones, such as “Do numbers exist?”, and arguing that the latter could not receive a theoretical answer, since they can’t be understood in the light of any linguistic framework.

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From December 7 to December 8 in 2007, 30 open government advocates met in Sebastopol, California to discuss how government could open up government data for public use, including members of the Sunlight Foundation.Up until that point, United States agencies, governments and cities had made some data available to the public, but usually inconsistently and incompletely, which had whetted the advocates’ appetites for more and better data.

The conference, led by Carl Malamud and Tim O’Reilly, hosted at O’Reilly Media, and funded by a grant from the Sunlight Foundation, resulted in eight open data principles that, if implemented, would empower the public’s use of public data held by governments. Professor Larry Lessig, a member of Sunlight’s patterned blouse with ruffle features Blue Stella McCartney Discount Really Cheap Sale Outlet Locations Outlet New Buy Cheap Factory Outlet oIoTbIjjR
, was present at the meeting and explained the values that the people present at the meeting agreed upon.

Josh Tauberer, who participated in the workshops, has annotated those Buy Cheap Newest Spectator Crewneck Cotton Ruffle Top Tibi Outlet Footaction tLXHv
at Top-Rated Joseph Cashmere Scoop Neck Sweater Sale With Credit Card Outlet Amazon Clearance Best Place 2018 New For Sale oJaTlVC4
and linked out to additional principles around the Web, including ours.

In 2010, we updated and expanded upon the Sebastopol list, and identified ten principles that provide a lens to evaluate the extent to which government data is open and accessible to the public . In 2013, we began maintaining a list of open data policy guidelines that built upon these principles.

ten principles that provide a lens to evaluate the extent to which government data is open and accessible to the public

The 2010 version of this page remains available as PDF Smock Off Shoulder Top Grey M Moon River Lowest Price Online Clearance Footlocker Finishline Browse Sale Online Outlet Marketable ENlFIyGDzB
. On November 14, 2017 we updated this page, including correcting the date, adding a new introduction, video, and links.

Our list is not exhaustive, and each principle exists along a continuum of openness. The principles are completeness, primacy, timeliness, ease of physical and electronic access, machine readability, non-discrimination, use of commonly owned standards, licensing, permanence and usage costs.

1. Completeness

Datasets released by the government should be as complete as possible, reflecting the entirety of what is recorded about a particular subject. All raw information from a dataset should be released to the public, except to the extent necessary to comply with federal law regarding the release of personally identifiable information. Metadata that defines and explains the raw data should be included as well, along with formulas and explanations for how derived data was calculated. Doing so will permit users to understand the scope of information available and examine each data item at the greatest possible level of detail.

2. Primacy

Datasets released by the government should be primary source data. This includes the original information collected by the government, details on how the data was collected and the original source documents recording the collection of the data. Public dissemination will allow users to verify that information was collected properly and recorded accurately.

A router behaves like middleware itself, so you can use it as an argument to app.use() or as the argument to another router’s use() method.

The top-level express object has a Router() method that creates a new router object.

Once you’ve created a router object, you can add middleware and HTTP method routes (such as get , put , post , and so on) to it just like an application. For example:

You can then use a router for a particular root URL in this way separating your routes into files or even mini-apps.

This method is just like the router.METHOD() methods, except that it matches all HTTP methods (verbs).

This method is extremely useful for mapping “global” logic for specific path prefixes or arbitrary matches. For example, if you placed the following route at the top of all other route definitions, it would require that all routes from that point on would require authentication, and automatically load a user. Keep in mind that these callbacks do not have to act as end points; loadUser can perform a task, then call next() to continue matching subsequent routes.

Another example of this is white-listed “global” functionality. Here the example is much like before, but it only restricts paths prefixed with “/api”:

The router.METHOD() methods provide the routing functionality in Express, where METHOD is one of the HTTP methods, such as GET, PUT, POST, and so on, in lowercase. Thus, the actual methods are router.get() , , router.put() , and so on.

The function is automatically called for the HTTP method in addition to the method if was not called for the path before .

You can provide multiple callbacks, and all are treated equally, and behave just like middleware, except that these callbacks may invoke next('route') to bypass the remaining route callback(s). You can use this mechanism to perform pre-conditions on a route then pass control to subsequent routes when there is no reason to proceed with the route matched.

The following snippet illustrates the most simple route definition possible. Express translates the path strings to regular expressions, used internally to match incoming requests. Query strings are not considered when performing these matches, for example “GET /” would match the following route, as would “GET /?name=tobi”.

You can also use regular expressions—useful if you have very specific constraints, for example the following would match “GET /commits/71dbb9c” as well as “GET /commits/71dbb9c..4c084f9”.

Adds callback triggers to route parameters, where name is the name of the parameter and callback is the callback function. Although name is technically optional, using this method without it is deprecated starting with Express v4.11.0 (see below).

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